Parents can be hard to cope with at times!!

girl aloudTITLE = GIRL, ALOUD




With its bright pink cover and bold lettering, it would be easy to assume that this novel is going to be yet another YA “girls” book about a teenage drama queen. But we soon realise that while Kass may be a bit on the dramatic side, maybe she has good reason for this. Her father appears to have his ups and downs. Down times are known as GTDs (Grey Trackie Days) when Dad literally does little but smoke and drink and stay in his room. But Up Times are even worse because this is when dad goes into overdrive regarding his daughter. His latest idea is that Kass should be entered into the “X Factor” show – whether she wants to or not, whether she has any talent to display or not. Kass is aware that her dad had a mild form of bipolar disorder but she doesn’t really understand what this means. So she worries that maybe she causes her dad’s swings in mood or even worse, that maybe she will inherit his illness.

And whilst this forms the backdrop to the story, Kass has plenty else to worry her: is her mother having an affair? How can she save her brother from the gangs? Why does she have to fall in love with the same boy as her best friend? And what is going on with her friends anyway? Teen girls in particular are sure to enjoy this novel as poor Kass tries to navigate her way through the trials and tribulations wrought by family and friends … drawing to a satisfying conclusion. Reminiscent of a Georgia Nicolson novel  but with a bit more substance and heart!

Recommended (dma) ****