A wonderful blend of spy action and schoolyard romance

TITLE = SPY SOCIETY: Hide in Plain Sight




This is a thoroughly enjoyable read largely because neither the author nor the narrator take themselves too seriously.

Maggie Silver is the daughter of two international spies and, since the age of 4, has been a safecracking genius. The family has just been sent to NYC on assignment but this time, Maggie is the key. Yes, she has her first real job as a spy: attend high school and befriend Jesse Oliver so she can break into his dad’s safe! Sounds easy?? Well, for a girl who has spent her life travelling the world accompanying her parents on their spy cases, attending high school is not as easy as you might expect. Maggie soon discovers that she is more adept at cracking safes than she is at cracking the teenage high school code of behaviour, let alone cracking the code of teenage boys.

Part mystery story (with just enough hints thrown in to keep the reader guessing), part teen romance story (as both Jesse and Maggie try to make sense of their equally unusual upbringings) and part high-school drama this novel is a thoroughly engaging romp from beginning to end. Robin Benway balances the demands of each element of her story cleverly and the teenage narrative voice is pitch perfect. With plenty of action, romance and just the right amount of teenage ansgst to keep young readers entertained, it looks like a delightful series is about to begin.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

Alex Rider faces death .. for the last time?

Crocodile-Tears-PromoTITLE = CROCODILE TEARS

AUTHOR = Anthony Horowitz

GENRE = Action, Adventure, Spy Fiction

INTEREST LEVEL = Years 7 – 9

This is the eighth book in the Alex Rider series and once again it is filled with action aplenty. Alex can’t seem to stay out of trouble, even when he is not working for MI6 and is on holidays in Scotland. This time he is up against a journalist who wants to reveal his secret identity to the world, MI6 who send him off to risk his life whilst on a school excursion, a plot to use GM technology to create another plague in Africa and , of course, an evil psycopath who is hell bent on destroying this brave 14 year old. Will Alex be able to survive these threats to life and limb or will this truly be Alex’s last adventure as an MI6 teenage spy? We know that the authpr,  Anthony Horowitz tried to kill Alex off a few books ago, has he finally drawn the curtain on one of his most popular characters?? Fans will be on the edge of their seats from the first to last page of this adventure.

Why not check out the Anthony Horowitz book trailer and see the secret passage that leads to his study – where he has written all the Alex Rider series.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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A spy mystery

The Fall by Robert Muchamore

Genre: Action

Interest level: Year 8 and 9

The Fall is a spy/mystery book. It was about a 14 year old hero called James, who belongs to a spy campus called Cherubs; it’s like MI5 but for kids. It all starts when James is sent on a new Mission but fails when the MI5 companions with him die. He was sent on his next mission after a few months with his new girl friend and when you think its all over there comes a horrible turn.

It was a pretty good book and a bit after the middle it got a tad boring. I think it was a good book all up though.

Rating: **** By Nelson