Another seafaring adventure to excite the fans

TITLE = BROTHERBAND 2 : the invaders




Hal, Stig and Thorn, our heroes from book 1 in this exciting seafaring series, return for more adventures in “the Invaders.  But this time they (and the Heron team) are joined by Lydia, a young girl who wishes to flee from Limmat after her grandfather has been killed by Zavac and his pirates. A local lad, Barat, who hopes to lead Limmat against the pirates, is a bully and believes Lydia will be his bride. But Lydia has different ideas. However, Hal agrees to help Barat to reclaim Limmat, in the hope of capturing Zavac and retrieving the Andomal treasure so he and the Herons can return to Skandia and save their reputation.

Hal is still a keen inventor and one of his inventions looks set to provide them with a key weapon in their battle with Zavac. But Hal’s fatal flaw remains: his inclination to overlook details in searching for the bigger picture. Could this flaw cost Hal his life in this exciting episode?

The inclusion of a forthright, courageous female character adds a bit of spice to the story – not only is Barat vying for affections but also, it looks like Hal and Stig may also both be keen on the same girl! Given the history between Thorn and Hal’s dad, this mutual attraction may not bode well for the future of the two friends.

Fans of the first book in this series will not be disappointed with the sequel and will be eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the adventures of the Herons. Don’t forget to check out the great website based on this book or watch a booktrailer about book 1 in the Brotherband series (The Outcasts) here.

Recommended (dma) ****