Beauty & the Beast Fairytale revisited

scarlet in the snow smallTITLE = SCARLET IN THE SNOW




Sophie Masson has woven a beautiful new version of the “Beauty and the Beast” fairytale in this book. Natasha lives with her sisters and mother in an old house in the country. Since their father died, life has been a little harder and her mother has been more care-worn but still Natasha is happy. Unlike her older sisters, she does not miss the balls and gowns that used to be part of their lives when they lived in the city, she is happy roaming the countryside and making up stories. That is, until the day she is lost in a blizzard and comes upon a beautiful red rose in an isolated garden.

The consequences of picking that rose will change Natasha’s life forever. Suddenly she is thrust into a world of witchcraft and magic, so Natasha will need every ounce of courage she can muster to face each day and the trials she must face. Apart from cruel witches there is also the savage beast to contend with and a magic curse from times long ago. Natasha finds she must leave her cosy home behind her and journey to faraway places in her efforts to solve the mystery of the brutish beast and the curse that lies behind her new life… and his. For if she can save his life there may just be a chance of romance and happiness for Natasha too.

A beautifully told story which sets this well-known tale in exotic European-like countries, the romance of the legend is convincingly woven into this tale of mystery and revenge. A joyful read for anyone who loves fairytales in a new guise. And if you enjoy this book, you may like to read another of Sophie Masson’s fairytale retellings: “Moonlight and Ashes” or other retellings of the same tale, such as “Beauty”.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****