An unusual science project

TITLE= Malcolm & Juliet

AUTHOR= Bernard Beckett

GENRE= Humour

Malcolm is a self-confessed nerd. He was a runner-up in last year’s Science Fair and this year aims to win the event. But his science project may just land him in more trouble than he thinks. For Malcolm decides to base his project on sex, specifically, the teenage experience of sex. As a somewhat inexperienced 16 year old, Malcolm figures he has a lot to learn about sex and with his trusty video camera at hand, hopes that interviewing others will not only help him win the Science Fair, it may also give him the know-how to win over the beautiful Charlotte (whom he secretly adores). But if Malcolm adores Charlotte, why are he and his best friend, Juliet, about to become more than just friends? And if Brian secretly adores Kevin who secretly adores Juliet why are Brian and Charlotte getting together? And who is blackmailing Juliet? Malcolm’s journey of scientific discovery will not only teach him more than he bargained for, it will take the reader on a hilarious ride in the process. Bernard Beckett has written a most entertaining book which is sure to be enjoyed by both girls and boys. The fact that it is relatively short and easy to read will no doubt also appeal to teen readers.

Recommended (dma) *****