It has all your favourite things! Adventure, maps… and a sad ending.

The-Girl-of-Ink-and-Stars-by-Kiran-Millwood-HargraveTitle: The Girl of Ink and Stars
Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave
Interest Level: Year 7 +

They say the day the Governor arrived, so did the ravens. And the songbirds, in their despair, flew backwards into the sea. That’s why there are no songbirds on Joya.

Isabella loves stories and her father, an explorer and renowned cartographer, is a master storyteller. But since the Governor arrived on their island, there has been no need for map making – exploration is forbidden and no one is allowed to leave the island.

When her best friend Lupe, the Governor’s daughter, goes missing – Isabella is determined to help find her. Armed with only ink, parchment, her knowledge of the stars and the stories of her father, Isabella joins the search party to navigate the island’s forgotten territories. But the monsters in her father’s stories are more real than she could have imagined, Isabella must face her fears to find her friend. The vivid descriptions and stunning rendering of the book itself will draw you into this beautiful tale of courage and wonder. The debut novel of Kiran Millwood Hargrave showcases her flair for poetry and love of short stories, embedded within this fantasy tale.

Highly recommended: **** (ofr)



An exciting new fantasy





An engaging fantasy from James Moloney which young readers are sure to enjoy. Set in a medieval style of fantasy world, where the sorcerors of the day are called Wyrdborn and are rightly feared. They are cruel, heartless and very, very powerful.

But when Silvermay falls in love with Tamlyn, she has no idea of his link to the Wyrdborn. Nor does she fully understand the length that Tamlyn’s father will go to in order to find his newborn son, Tamlyn’s halfbrother, Lucien.

Will the young pair be able to escape Coyle Strongbow’s clutches and save Lucien from a dreadful future? And who can Silvermay trust? Has Tamlyn told her the truth about his past?

This is the first in a trilogy, so be prepared for more excitement to come. Read about the sequel (Tamlyn) here.

Recommended (dma) ***