Bringing Anne Frank’s Diary to Life

Three Junior Book Clubbers were invited to participate in the launch of the international Anne Frank travelling exhibition. The students read  passages from Anne’s diary. Laura read one of the earliest entries, describing the family’s first day in hiding. Agnes read a passage that was written 18 months later which demonstrated Anne’s keen sense of humour in petty squabbles between members in hiding  (against the backdrop of war). Whilst Caitlin read a moving passage written 6 months later, in which Anne describes her determination to remain positive in the face of chaos and destruction. The poignancy of this diary entry is that it was written only 9 days before Anne and her family were captured. The readings provided by Laura, Agnes and Caitlin were a highlight of the exhibition opening as the girls read with such clarity and emotion. A number of the guests congratulated the girls on the powerful readings and were impressed with their performances. All three girls certainly represented the school with great pride and are to be commended on their efforts.