An exciting mix of supernatural curses and romance





 Stephen has been invisible since birth yet he has somehow managed to eke out an existence in one of the busiest cities in the world: New York. Living on his own since his father fled and his mother died, Stephen is used to spending time with himself, invisibly wandering the city, especially Central Park. IT may be a solitary existence but he has made peace with his lot in life. This peace and quiet is massively disrupted when he discovers that his new neighbour, Elizabeth can actually see him! Elizabeth is battling her own demons: for she is angry at the world since a shocking attack on her gay brother, Laurie, has split up her family and forced Elizabeth, Laurie and her Mum to relocate from small town Minnesota to NYC. Both Elizabeth and Stephen are shy and hesitant when it comes to forming relationships, yet they tentatively reach out to each other.

Then suddenly everything changes: for the characters and for the reader. For once we learn the reason for Stephen’s invisibility the whole genre and pace of the novel changes. Suddenly Stephen and Elizabeth are facing life changing and life threatening odds and we enter a world of magic, spells and curses and nail biting action. Andrea Cremer is well versed in paranormal fiction but this is new territory for David Levithan and one of the charms of this novel is that the chapters that he contributes to the story (those from Stephen’s perspective) are filled with typical Levithan thoughtfulness and reflection.

Ultimately, this is not your everyday paranormal romance… it is much much more… and will leave readers with plenty to think about. Fans of David Levithan may be surprised but many will also be excited by this new direction in his writing.

Check out the authors websites here (David Levithan) and Here (Andrea Cremer ).

Highly Recommended *****