Bringing Anne Frank’s Diary to Life

Three Junior Book Clubbers were invited to participate in the launch of the international Anne Frank travelling exhibition. The students read  passages from Anne’s diary. Laura read one of the earliest entries, describing the family’s first day in hiding. Agnes read a passage that was written 18 months later which demonstrated Anne’s keen sense of humour in petty squabbles between members in hiding  (against the backdrop of war). Whilst Caitlin read a moving passage written 6 months later, in which Anne describes her determination to remain positive in the face of chaos and destruction. The poignancy of this diary entry is that it was written only 9 days before Anne and her family were captured. The readings provided by Laura, Agnes and Caitlin were a highlight of the exhibition opening as the girls read with such clarity and emotion. A number of the guests congratulated the girls on the powerful readings and were impressed with their performances. All three girls certainly represented the school with great pride and are to be commended on their efforts.



Reflections on Readers Cup

The inaugural Victorian final of the Readers Cup was held in the ACMI, Federation Square on Friday, November 27th, 2009. Our school had entered two teams a  junior team of Year 7 and 8 students (who had read: “The Rangers Apprentice Bk 1”, “Hana’s Suitcase“, “Dragonkeeper” and “Diego, Run!” ) and a senior team of Year 8, 9 and 10 students (who had read: “The whole business of Kiffo & the Pitbull”, “Joel & Cat set the story straight“, “Tomorrow when the War began” and   “Twilight“). Both teams had to answer 2 questions on each of the four novels and present a creative piece based on a pre-selected novel: “Dragonkeeper” (junior team) and “Joel and Cat set the story straight” (senior team).

junior team

The juniors chose to create a showbag filled with items that related to the story: a map of Ping’s journey, Hua the rat, a dragon mask, the dragon stone, a jigsaw puzzle, some potions and a shield which represented Ping’s main qualites (love, strength, bravery and cunning).  They spent many lunchtimes creating these pieces and decorating the showbag, with Mrs Bed’s help.

showbag prep

The senior team decided to perform a TV interview based on the conflict between Cat and Joel in the last chapter. Called “Teenage Showdown”, the host had invited both Cat and Joel along to present their sides of the story without telling the other that they were also appearing. They wrote and rehearsed their play in the library after school.



The participants (mostly from Book Club) have thoroughly enjoyed reading, discussing and preparing their creative responses. They and their support team also had a great time in Melbourne competing against other schools from around the state.


Comments from participants:

It was good and some of the creative things were really funny. I was disappointed that we did not win but it’s ok. (Alcy)

I had a great day. It was very fun. I would love to do it again I think it rocked. Only one thing bad was not getting McDonalds! (Hannah)

It was good except for the part where we lost. It was good but so sad. Grace

I think the day was brilliant! the way it was presented and the things they did to keep the audience of kids focussed was smart. I would definitely do the Readers Cup again. Chenoa

I loved doing the creative partand the other team had some good ways of showing the book. Heaps of fun! (Kim)

I dressed up as a boy. (Ester)

Other than sore feet and a headache the day was AWESOME!! We may not have won this year but there’s always next year. (Lucie)

Book Club has a laugh

On Wednesday the 28th October,  we went to the State Library of Victoria. We listened to four authors talk about the books they have written and there were some people that acted out some of the scenes. I had great fun and hope I can go again some time.

From M

The authors were Barry Jonsberg, Kirsten Murphy, Penney Tangey and David Metzenthen and the books they were talking about are shown here. If you click on the covers you might also find a review about the book:

kiffopittbull halfway to good loving-richard-feynmanjarvis 24 cover

Bring on the Funny

It was a beautiful day on the 28th of October. The sun was shining and I just couldn’t wait to cram onto the stuffy full train to Melbourne for an hour. I was forced to sit in the tiny little box meant for bags and laptops which I also had to share with Kayla Driscol. But once we arrived at the station all was good and well… that was until we had to jump on another train that was more crammed than the first.

loving-richard-feynmanOnce we arrived at the state library we waited in the lobby with around 5 other schools until our Bookgig session “Bringing the funny” started. But we were soon allowed to take our seat in the large fancy theatre. All the comic authors made speeches and actors performed scenes from their books. My fave author was the author the wrote LOVING RICHARD FEYNMAN. She was quite a funny person.

For lunch I bought Mcdonalds. I have better things to spend my money on.

On the trip home it was a little less crowded. I read the book written by Penny Tangey who was my fave author of the day.

All up the trip was an educational and fun experience. I would like to do it again.

From Grace  xx