In Term 3, 2012, CBCA shortlisted author, SUSAN GREEN, visited our Book Club. She shared lunch with us whilst also sharing her stories about writing. She also talked about her wonderful character, Verity Sparks, from her shortlisted novel “The Truth about Verity Sparks”. The video below records this inspiring event:

Music (“Coquetry” by McKenzie Stubbert) sourced from the Animoto site. All text and photos supplied by dma.

Read Susan’s response to her visit  here on her blog.

6 thoughts on “SUSAN GREEN VISIT”

  1. Thankyou so much Susan Green for coming and sharing with us about Verity Sparks and your writing career.
    I was so inspired by Susan and I would love to grow up and write books just like her!

  2. Meeting Susan was a good experience. I loved the food and got my diary signed. Overall I loved it.

  3. This was a very fun visit and I got to learn a lot more about her that I didn’t know.

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