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When making comments on posts, please follow these guidelines:

1. State whether you agree or disagree with the post about the book (especially whether or not you liked or disliked the book being reviewed)

2. Make a comment about the story line or characters – positive or negative

3. Include a comment about the format (size, text size, page look, illustrations & cover) and the genre – positive or negative

4. Give your own rating (out of 5 stars)

5. Add your first name only to your comment

One thought on “MAKING COMMENTS”

  1. Insurgent is a great book and I agree with what was said about it up a head. My favourite part in the book when they were trying to escape from Erudite headquarters because there was something that I found funny. I loved the text size and the illustrations on the front cover
    I rate Insurgent 4 and a ½ stars

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