An enticing sequel





A sequel to the engrossing “This is Shyness”, this novel is every bit as enthralling and intriguing. We pick up the story 6 months after the conclusion of “This is Shyness” only to find that Wolfboy and Wildgirl haven’t been in touch since then. Both are getting on with their lives in positive ways: Wildgirl (now better known as Nia) has moved schools and has a new part-time job, which she loves. Wolfboy has a caring and close relationship with his niece and her mother. Yet each still can’t help thinking of the other with an element of regret.

When a friend is in trouble, Wolfboy instinctively turns to Nia for help. But is it too late for them to start again? And is it too late to hep Paul? Is there even more danger looming in the depths of Shyness?

An engrossing sequel which leaves room for further adventures to come.

Read about the first book in this series here.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****   


A beautiful but sad wolf story






Watch the student created booktrailer below to get a feel for this book, the first in a series of beautifully written novels.

Highly Recommended



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A fresh twist to a werewolf love story





Quincie Morris has an unusual life. Despite being still in high school, she part-owns, part-runs a restaurant, one which has been in her family for years. Her parents have died so her guardian (who also helps her run the family restaurant) is her young uncle, barely out of college himself. Oh, and she is in love with Kieren, a werewolf hybrid, who seems to be keeping his distance from her. Does he not love her back??

Her life gets even more complicated when her beloved chef, Vaggio, is brutally murdered, and the prime suspect may well be her beloved Kieren. Then Quincie meets the new chef… and maybe, just maybe, she is falling for him? Is he just the person she needs to help her get over Kieren…or is her trust in him not only misplaced, but potentially dangerous??

Despite the central (forbidden) love triangle, this is not just another werewolf/vampire story. This is partly the location: Austin, Texas. It is also partly the structure – as befits a novel that is largely set inside a restaurant, the novel is divided into menu sections: antipasto, primo, secondo etc. It is also partly the inclusion of unusual supernatural shape shifters (such as werepossums and werearmadillos) as featured characters.

There are several twists and turns in the novel especially as it reaches its climax that will keep the reader eagerly turning the page, right up until the end. A fun read indeed.

And if you enjoy this novel, why not take a look at the story from a different angle: a graphic novel  which tells the story from Kieren’s point of view: “Tantalize: Kieren’s story” (written by the same author and illustrated by Mung Doyle). Read a review on The Graphic Shelf blog.

Recommended (dma) ****

WARNING:contains awesomeness

city-of-bonesCITY OF BONES

Author=Cassandra Clare


Interest-Young Adults-Adults


If clubbing in New York you must be careful as it might be your last dance: monsters are on the prowl.

Clary Fray once thought she was human till she got a visit from a very arrogant, hot shadowhunter, Jace. Her life changed for the worst.With her mother in a coma, her only choice is to trust the shadow hunters as she might otherwise be killed by one of New York’s monsters.

Rating=***** Highly Recommended


A strange night …in a strange world

this is shynessTITLE = THIS IS SHYNESS




Wildgirl is out for a bit of fun and something to distract her from a really bad day at school. But when she meets Wolfboy at a club in Shyness … will she get more than she bargained for?? This is an enticing story about 2 young people who spend a night seeking adventure … and find out more about themselves than perhaps they were expecting. The story may have a slightly supernatural feel about it but this is less in the vein of the Twilight series and more like an allegory. Does Wolfboy howl because he has werewolf leanings or because he is a young man who doesn’t know how to deal with the grief of losing a loved one? Readers will be engrossed in the story and come to feel great empathy for the 2 lead characters. A great novel by a first time author.  Check out her website.

A worthy winner of  The Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing, 2009

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

A gentle werewolf love story

shiver-175TITLE = SHIVER

AUTHOR = Maggie Stiefvater

GENRE = Werewolves; Supernatural; Romance

INTEREST LEVEL =  Years 7 – 10

Maggie Stiefvater has created a lovely, gentle story – at times somewhat melancholy – about the love between teenager, Grace, and a wolf/boy, Sam. This is no ordinary werewolf story and Sam’s backstory (explaining why he became a wolf in the first place) is both unusual and quite sad. In human form he is a gentle soul who loves reading, playing guitar and making up lyrics in his head and this gentleness is apparent in his wolf form too: he is no teeth bared monster. Sam changes from human to wolf when the weather becomes colder but as the story progresses we learn that the wolves in Sam’s pack will all eventually  stay in wolf form forever…. how soon will this be the reality for Sam and what does this mean for Grace?? It also becomes clear that not all the wolves share Sam’s concern for humans ….. and some of them may in fact represent a real threat to both Sam and Grace.

The romance between Sam and Grace is developed in a credible and moving fashion and at times, Maggie Stiefvater’s writing is quite lyrical. And as the danger grows for the two young lovers so too does the readers involvement in the story. The novel is also beautifully presented with the cover detail being repeated in the endpapers and the font also reflecting the cover colours.

Readers will also eagerly await the sequel: Linger

Highly Recommended (dma) *****


A medieval werewolf tale

wolfborn_ARTWORK:Layout 1TITLE =wolfborn

AUTHOR =Sue Busztynski

GENRE = Fantasy, Werewolves, Mths & legends


What a fantastic cover! The tale inside is also quite entertaining. Set in medieval France this book tells the story of the bisclavret who were born werewolves and so live under a curse – fated to change into their werewolf form at least once a month. In order to change back into their human form they must be able to return to their human clothes – otherwise they will be trapped in their wolf form forever! To make matters worse, werewolves were hunted and killed in medieval France – so families with the bisclavret curse tend to keep this trait a secret.

Young Etienne has been sent to train as a knight and holds his lord, Geraint of Lucanne, in high regard – so when he learns his beloved master is trapped in his wolf form he is ready to risk life and limb to save him. And is it possible that he could have a bisclavret secret of his own?? Could he also be falling in love with Geraint’s bisclavret daughter??

The medieval world is well created in this story – and at times the fantasy world cranks up as Etienne and Geraint seem to wander in the world of spirits. Whilst the story is simple and easy enough to follow at times the sense of danger and suspense could have been more strongly portrayed. nevertheless, readers who are interested in extending their knowledge of werewolf lore are sure to enjoy this story.

Recommended (dam) ***