Hana's Suitcase

TiTLe Of ThE nOVeL: HaNa’S suItcAsE, KaRen LeRinE.
GeNre: A tRue sTorY.
HiGh sChOol StuDenTs

the stORY of hanas SuitcaSE was A MIx beTWEEn  SAD aNd Ok. In the ENd  HANA dies iN A CruEL wAY. It waS hOrrIble what The NAZIs Did tO the jEws Making TheM gO ouT At a CerTaiN timE or NoT alLoWed iN onE plAce AnD tHey HaD tO wEAr a YellOw StAr EverYwhEre TheY wEnt. Hana’S MUm aND Dad goT taKen bUt soOn AfTer, So DiD HaNA anD her BrOtheR GeoRgE. GeoRgE gOt ouT aNd tOlD FuMiKO, WhO wAs dEsPerAte to FinD OUT wHAt HanA’S StoRy waS.

OuR RatInG: tWo/FivE STaRs.

ThE ReVIewRs… JaLia, KaYLa aNd KAteLyN.

Most Boring Book Ever

Title-The other facts of life Interest Level- Years 7 and up

The book is about a boy (Ben) who wants people to know about world hunger. He shaves his head, tans his body and wears a diaper to try and get people to care. No matter how hard he tries people just won’t listen. His parents become sick of his behaviour and try to get him to stop worrying about it. At the end of the book his dad becomes sick and Ben realises that some things are more important tha+n others.

The book lacks excitement and seems to drag along  it was not funny enough to be classified as a funny book but also not serious enough to be a serious book. Over all our final thoughts were that it was boring and could have spent our time better.

1/5 stars

Review by Julian, James, John, Jesse and Bryce

Surf with your soul.

Soul Surfer; an autobiography by Bethany Hamilton.

This book is a true story of faith, family and fighting to get back on the board, set in Hawaii young Bethany Hamilton went surfing on the day of Halloween and got attacked by a shark.
The story is very repetitive as it tells the shark attack over and over again, it is also quite boring as the main or only excitement in the book is when shes explain the shark attack and the rush to get her to the hospital in the first the first few chapters then afterwards is about how she believes in god and its quite dull and not very interesting. People who are interested in real life stories and people who have also experienced this tragedy I would recommend this book to. Also people who like to know how she overcame this tragedy and got back into the water would like to read this book.

2 out of 5








Diego Run! is a novel about a young boy called Diego. His mum and dad were put in jail when police found drugs under the bus seat they were sitting on. Diegos friendMando invites him to make drugs in the jungle far away from  home with mean and terrible men who treat them like slaves. When Diegos plan to steal some drugs backfires his friend Mando dies from a fatal fall. Diego runs away only to be caught by a villager but he sleeps on his fears.

As a group we didn’t like this book because it wasn’t thrilling or exciting enough it almost wasted our time reading it. It isn’t one of the top books for us. This book was repetitive and boring it didn’t have a very good story line.

Book Club Trip to Public Library

On the 23/04/10 Book Clubbers took a trip to the public library to hear an amazingly funny author talk about her new book that is out now. Her name is ALICE PUNG– She has a Chinese-Cambodian background and she talked about her book and read us sections that were based on her first boy friend. She also had heaps of jokes up her sleeve. Due to the nature of this blog, I cannot say her jokes, becuase they are too funnny…..

This author would be the best author’s talk I’ve been to and I will definitely read her book..

Cheers R... 😛


Alice was a great person; she was really nice and was happy to sign our books. She talked to us about her book and some of the stories behind the tales. Alice had a great sense of humour. She made the older audience, (me, Emily and Lucie) laugh with her story about Cleo. All in all a great day and I can’t wait to read the book…..SS


Today we went to see Alice Pung at the Ballarat Central Highlands Library. It was very interesting to listen to what it was like for her father to grow up in the conditions that he did. And I also found it cool to find out about what it was like to live in Australia and being a Cambodian.





gilberts ghost train  On 28th October 2009, Book Club took a busy service train down to Melbourne to see a sessions with some funny authors. My favourite was David Metzenthen. After the session I got to personally speak to him about Ballarat High School. I got him to sign a book mark. There were 4 authors, they all spoke about their books (which all included humour) then a scene in the book was acted out. This was a great day and I hope to meet David again one day.

She's with the band.

Shes with the band by Georgia Clark.

Genre: Girlfriend Fiction

Interest level: Years 7, 8 and 9.

Mia Mannix is a 15 year old girl who moves from the Snowy Mountains to Sydney, which also means she has to move schools to Silver Street High where the subject she will be mainly studying is art this is because he dad is an artist, but then she forms a band and falls for the wrong guy.

i found this book interesting it would mainly suit teenage girls. They explain things very well like what look like and what they are wearing, what the gigs are like and what the houses and scenes look like.

This book captures the life of teenage girls.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

By Olivia.


TITLE- The Haunted Surfboard by Anthony Masters

Genre- Action

Interest levels- Junior levels

The Haunted Surfboard is a far fetched, boring, poorly drawn, terrible book. It is about a boy called Jack who has moved to the beach. he has no friends and is having a tough time at school. Eventually he finds a friend called Peter who lives next door. Peter’s brother Tom drowned at that beach the year before trying to surf crab rock. Now Peter believes that Tom is trapped out there and can’t be freed until someone surfs crab rock. In the end Peter surfs the rock and this big ghost appears.

I would not recommend this book to anyone.

1/5 stars                                                   Reviewer- Blank