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city-of-bonesCITY OF BONES

Author=Cassandra Clare


Interest-Young Adults-Adults


If clubbing in New York you must be careful as it might be your last dance: monsters are on the prowl.

Clary Fray once thought she was human till she got a visit from a very arrogant, hot shadowhunter, Jace. Her life changed for the worst.With her mother in a coma, her only choice is to trust the shadow hunters as she might otherwise be killed by one of New York’s monsters.

Rating=***** Highly Recommended


The Cherub Series By Robert Muchamore

Series Title: 



(1) The Recruit. (2) Class A. (3) Maximum Security. (4) The Killing.

(5) Divine Madness.  (6) Man Vs. Beast.  (7) The Fall.  (8) Mad Dogs. (9)The Sleepwalker.

(9.5) Dark Sun *Mini Book*  (10) The General (11) Brigands M.C. (12) Shadow Wave.

Cherub Covers


Robert Muchamore.


CHERUB agents need to meet strict criteria for physical fitness and intelligence. They are usually orphans who do not have surviving aunts, uncles or grandparents (Exceptions can be made where a surviving relative is serving a long prison sentence, mentally incapable or barred from contacting their children by legal mechanism such as a restraining order).

The first CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore chronciles the life of James Adams, (Formerly James Choke), and his life in the top seceret United Kingdom based childrens seceret service known as CHERUB.

Through out the books James as well as the cast of other Agents continuously are working together to complete missions, excell on training excercises, or just get into trouble like normal kids.

The CHERUB series is one I would recommend to both boys and girls in all years. Its fast paced, exciting and a great highly addictive read.

Coming later in 2011 will be the first book of the second series of CHERUB.

For more information check out www.cherubcampus.com or to connect with other cherub fans check out www.cherubseries.proboards.com for the most awesome forums around.

Highly Recommended *****

Check out the graphic novel version of book 1 (The Recruit) in this exciting series: read the post on the Graphic Shelf blog.

Action packed drama

chasers aloneTITLE =chasers (ALONE series)




Jesse is an Australian teenager, selected to attend a UN Youth Ambassadors conference in New York. His world is turned upside down quite literally when an explosion rocks the subway train on which he is travelling with 3 other teen delegates. Together the 4 teenagers must struggle to survive in a world that is suddenly isolated and very dangerous. They are not entirely sure what has happened and they are not sure why there are no adults or police to help them out. When they climb to the top of one of New York’s highest buildings they suddenly become aware of the spread of the desolation – and how alone they really are. The streets are mainly deserted except for wandering wild beings that chase and attack anyone they see. So the teens hide out at the top of the building – trying to decide whether it is safer to stay or go.

Some way into this novel the dialogue punctuation disappears – what may seem like an editing lapse finally becomes an important turning point in the story. A very clever story about young people trying to survive in a strange and scary world where all the rules seem to have changed – can they survive? can they retain their humanity?

Highly Recommended (dma) *****