When life is turned upside down….

the yr my life brokeTITLE = THE YEAR MY LIFE BROKE




Josh has always loved sport. At his old school he was a sporting champion and often captained school sides. In fact, he may even have been school captain this year…if he was still at his old school. But life has changed drastically for Josh and his family: his parents’ financial crisis has forced them to move to a crummy house in a crummy town and now Josh is the new kid in a crummy school.

Josh decides to start afresh; rather than be sports mad again, he wants to sample life without his beloved cricket. But this might just put him on the outer with the other boys in his year level and with the PE teacher in particular. How will they react when they discover that Josh has been hiding his talent??

Is there more to life than cricket? And is there more to this town and more to his new school than Josh has been willing to see?

A story about sport, friendship and family with plenty of action and entertainment.

Selected as a Notable book for the 2014 CBCA Book of the Year (Younger Readers)

Recommended (dma) ****

Soccer fun

extra timeTITLE = EXTRA TIME




Matt is a sporting prodigy, able to duck and weave and glide gracefully around a soccer field. His dream was to play professionally but that dream was put on hold after a tragic car accident which killed his brothers and damaged his legs.  He still displays remarkable talent on the soccer field but does his body have the strength to hold up against the rigours of the big league?

Put to the test on a promotional tour in England Matt discovers that training for the big league is not just about the body, it is also about the mind and the soul. Could playing soccer professionally come at a cost … not just to his body but also to his heart, could he lose his love for the game? Or will his little sister, his manager, help him find his way?

A novel about soccer and family, about the joy and business of sport; younger readers are sure to enjoy this fast, entertaining read, especially lovers of football. And to find about more about the great author of this book, why not check out his website here.

Recommended (dma) ***

Specky Magee is at it again

specky magee boots Title  = Specky Magee and the Boots of Glory

Author = Felice Arena & Gary Lyon

Genre = Sport

Interest = Yr 7, 8 boys

Specky Magee is really excited when he wins a scholarship to a private school but it turns out to bring him almost more trouble than its worth. His old friends thinks he is becoming a snob.  His new school expects him to play to his best. But there is a mystery to be solved and a very important game to be played.

is Specky’s scholarship on the line?

Another action packed book from the highly acclaimed and very, very popular Specky Magee series.

Highly Recommended. *****