Melbourne Writers Festival

On Tuesday August 26th we went to Melbourne for the Young Writers Festival.
We traveled by bus, when we got there the first person we saw speak was:
John Flanagan.
He told us about his new book coming out. About a new character in the new book thats named after a girl who emails him alot named Maddi. And other things.
After we saw him we saw Emily Rodda.
She told us about how she named her characters by their personality.
And how she got her ideas from normal everyday life like watching a wasp carry a parralised spider up her window gave her an idea for when Lief, Jasmine and Barda were stuck in mud and other creatures had put them there, in one Deltora Quest book.
She also told us about that a story can come from the easiest things such as:
Her twin sons when they were 3 heard someone say their friend’s grandma laughed so hard she nearly fell into the supermarket freezer. They changed the story to she did fall in and her head got stuck in the ice. So the supermarket man came with an axe and chopped her up into little pieces.

So as you can see, stories come from anything, commensense, what could happen and pure imagination.

We all thought the festival was fun and very interesting.

From Sonic and hogwarts_girl