A Summer to Forget

A summer to remember by Julie Williamson
Genre: Drama
Interest level: Year 8 and 9 girls.

A Summer to Remember is about a girl called Tania and about the events and changes through out her teenage life.

A Summer to Remember is a fairly decent book but the story line drags on way to much. We enjoyed reading the start because it was really interesting but towards the end it got really boring and we only really finished it because it was a school project.

The ending went to quickly and it was really hard to understand how it related to the start of the book, it started off being about friends, teenage life and a bit about family but towards the end it was about her grandpa and really we couldn’t have cared.

Tania was and extremely negitive person, she didnt care about other people or their opinions so she went on about boring negitive things, so you didnt really respect her or the book. Through out the book her personality kept changing and it was hard to keep up with the storyline.

Recommendation: 1/5 stars.

Reviewers: Emma, Sarah, Chloe and Hayley.

The story that changed our lives!

hana's suitcase Genre: Biography
Interest level:Yr 8 and over.
Author: Karen Levine.
Novel: Hana’s Suitcase.
Hana’s suitcase is a true story about a young woman, Fimuko, who wants to learn more about the Holocaust and teach the young children in Japan the horrors of war. When she finds Hana’s suitcase she goes on an epic adventure to find the girl, Hana. Along the way we start to learn about Hana’s story and how as a Jewish child the war affected her. This was the book that changed our lives as we learnt how horrible Hitler and the human race can really be. It shows good things like how when times get tough we need our family and friends and bad things like the horrors of what went on in World War 2. This book is a wonderful story about love, loss and how a little bit of determination is all we need. So if you ever think that your life is tough, pull out the story about a young girl whose life was so bad she lost everything all because some man hated Jews.
Highly Recommended
4 and 3/4 stars.
by Abbey.P. Jayde.D. Gina.T. Ashlee.B. and Bryce.D.

The boy who wants to live!

pig heart boy Pig Heart Boy By Malorie Blackman (BLA)
Genre: Health
Interest Level: Year 8 and onwards

Pig Heart Boy is a book about a boy named Cameron who is in desperate need of a heart transplant. There are no human donors so they use a heart from a pig instead. There has obviously been a lot of research done about doctors, hospitals and medical terms which is what helped it to be such a good book. There is a lot of description used about his emotions and feelings, which really helps us to feel what he’s going through. This book helps us to appreciate life and not take anything for granted. It was a really good book, with barely any boring bits. It’s one that you can’t put down unless you aren’t into books about health and real life situations. We would recommend this book to anyone who loves books with a lot of drama and anyone who can handle sadness. It’s certainly different to what we normally read, but we can guarantee you, you will find it interesting.
Recommended Abby, Caitlin, Maddy ****