Adventure, fun … and some time-travel to boot!





What a delightful foray into the steampunk world is provided here by Australian author, Sean McMullen. Time travel has sent 2 warriors from the future back to Melbourne in 1901, to prevent disaster from occurring on the opening of the first Parliament of this young nation. However, these young warriors have been thrust into a world very different from their own. They may have brilliant military training and amazing weaponry but to achieve their aim they will need to enlist the support of some locals. The bossy, studious Emily and her brow-beaten brother, Daniel, from the well-heeled gentry,  may not seem like the most obvious choice. However, Daniel’s street-wise buddy, Barry the Bag, may be a better proposition. The young teens must bring together the best from both their worlds, if they are to succeed in this fast-paced, and often quite humorous, adventure. There will be some lessons learned – about life and about love – and some secrets revealed along the way. The constraints on the role of young women at the turn of the twentieth century will also be explored in a light hearted but meaningful way. And the resolution of this wonderful adventure is sure to please both the characters and the readers.

A terrific read.

Find out more about Sean and his many books on his website.

Highly Recommended (dma)  *****  

Alice Pung excites her audience

DSCF2868Today was a great day out at the local library with our Book Club. Alice Pung was the visiting author who we went to see. I liked that she was honest about everything. I liked her book “Unpolished Gem” because it was true and she was brave.  Michelle


We went to our local library today. We had Maccas for lunch. I liked hearing Alice Pung. I enjoyed the way she wrote her book “Unpolished Gem” and how it was totally true. I learnt that her family came from a very distorted third world country and they went through hardship. LK


Today we went with book Club to the public library to see Alice Pung and she was great. She was very truthful about her life. I Learned from reading parts of her book that it would be hard living in a different country. I liked that her book was about her life. EM

DSCF2870When we listened to Alice Pung today we learned that she has a funny dad and a snot sucking Grandmother (she did this when Alice’s baby brother had a cold, so he could still drink). Alice also told us that Cambodia had its hard times. There is some good humour in her book and it is all true and realistic.  Lauren


Dead Man Walking

Lance Armstrong Its not about the bike

By Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins.

Genre: Biography

This book is about Lance Armstrong‘s life through and after cancer. It talks about his miracle recovery from cancer that had him at 20% chance of survival to get back on the bike to win the 1999 Tour De France 18 months later. I recommend this book for year 7s up and any one whw likes great sporting stories. I would rate this book 9 out of 10.

Highly Recommended (dom) 9/10