Monsters of Men

Monsters Of Men





The awesome conclusion to the most heartbreaking series.

Todd and Viola have survived everything the planet can throw at them for six months. This is the end. But what end? Overwhelmed by an alien force tens of thousands strong. The battles being fought by the Answer, led by the fierce and harsh Mistress Coyle, and New Prentisstown, ruled by President Prentiss, deadly and mysterious lord of the planet, are swept away. The two merciless warlords must band together to defeat the threat. But when a settler scout lands, bringing a spaceship’s awesome firepower into the mix, only one side will win, and Todd and Viola are on opposite sides. The Spackle are unstoppable, President Prentiss is cunning, Todd is lying, Viola is dying and the world is ending.

The Spook’s Apprentice

spooks_books_apprentice Title: The Spook’s Apprentice

Author: Joseph Delany

Genre: Action and Fantasy

Thomas Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son, He can sense things and is a natural enemyof the dark.  He is sent to be the spooks apprentice, dealing with boggarts witches and the things that go bump in the night. Living at the spook’s house in Chipenden Thomas begins to learn to be a spook. Through the rest of the book he tangles with the evilist witches in the county. But nothing could prepare him for Mother Malkin, the most powerful witch in the county. This is one of the scariest books I’ve read and once youve started you will be skipping meals and sleep to reach the end. This book is suitable for any age over 10 (my mum reads them too!) but if youre not a good reader you may find it hard. I have to rate this book   5/5

Highly Recommended *****