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Sarah Jane (otherwise known as Alba) has lived in the small country town of Eden Valley all her life. With a small but close group of friends, she has just completed Year 12 and is facing the next stage of her life…with some trepidation. AS a comic book lover and artist, she may have created a fantabulous character in Cinnamon Girl but can she find the courage to set her off on new adventures?? Just as her comic creation has stalled, life for Alba has turned on its head. There are still the old traditions (that she has created) like Monday morning brekkie on the lawns of her mum’s bakery, and Monday night TV & drinks and Christmas Eve picnic tea…. But this maintenance of the old is being fast swamped by new events with which Alba is struggling to cope. First there is the invasion of her town by doomsdayers who believe that the world will end on New Year’s Eve – all except for Eden Valley … then there is the strange behaviour of Grady her longtime best friend, who alternates between yelling at her and disappearing altogether…. and the return of one of their childhood friends, Daniel, only adds to the complications.  Why can’t Alba think through the fog in her head… and why can’t she see what everyone else can see…about her future and her love life?? Most importantly, will she sort it all out before it is too late??

Fans of Melissa Keil’s first novel (“Life in Outer Space“) will enjoy her new book and if you love a warm-hearted romcom or if you love comic books you are sure to delight in Alba’s incredible adventures … it is a wild and comical ride with a fanciful and talented young heroine.

And the cover is to die for!

HIghly Recommended (dma) *****

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3 thoughts on “An entertaining Aussie rom com”

  1. It’s out already!
    What a stunning cover?!
    Just looks at that!
    Melssia Keil is a wondeful writer with stylish scenes in a gentle story or rather the other way. You choose!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this lovely awesome covered book.

    (Same old reaction from just another old book lover)

  2. Ok you guys…
    I’ve finally finished it.
    I absolutely loved the book and the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it because of how well it was written and the fact that the author made “The ending of the World” so fun. I liked the way she made a character that lives basically in a bakery and creates comics. I loved the way how Melissa relates the main character to Cinnamon girl who is the main character in the comic that Alba is illustrating. It’s like a book inside a book that tell the same but sometimes a different story. I got a great insight into the characters and Grady is my favourite character. (SPOLIER ALERT! DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO READ THIS BOOK! Actually you can read from the * sign.)

    From the start, I always thought Alba and Grady would be a great match and like suspected they turned out to be.

    * I’m glad the world didn’t end because then there wouldn’t be a continued proper story.
    The format is easy to understand though; sometimes it wasn’t quite so easy. Like at first I couldn’t get my head around what she meant by “Penny Farthing man”.
    I’d highly recommend it to all the fans of “Life in outer space” book, another book of Melissa keil but, to also everyone who likes to read something that’s cool with six friends. Plus you cannot miss the cover!
    Rated five stars.

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