A suspenseful summer story

liarsTITLE: We Were Liars

AUTHOR: E Lockhart

GENRE: Family, Suspense, Relationships


Every summer, the Sinclairs spend the summer on their island. It’s a beautiful island, and the Sinclairs have four beautiful houses to live in every summer. The Sinclairs, you see, are terribly rich.

Our narrator, Cadence, and her cousins are called the Liars. The three cousins, and one friend, have grown up together, swimming and boating and getting into trouble: holidays. But now it’s summer seventeen and everything is different – Cady missed summer sixteeen when her dad took her to Europe. What happened during summer fifteen? Why can’t Cady remember?

Each tiny little section – some less than a page long – gives you some information about summer seventeen, or the accident, or the Liars’ lives growing up. This structure makes it even harder to put the book down. Occasional retellings of parts of King Lear, rewritten to suit Cady’s life at that point of the novel, show the reader more links in the stories of different generations of the Sinclairs.

We were Liars is a suspenseful story about family, love, and the truth. If anyone asks you how it ends, lie.

Highly recommended (emc) ***** Also, have a look at the tumblr created for the book.

2 thoughts on “A suspenseful summer story”

  1. This book was absolutely smashing. It was really good, I loved the plot and setting mainly. I also loved Gat and those who read it will know who Gat is. I seriously did not expect the twist in the end. It is an amazing book, perfect for a light read or a joyous read.

  2. Not sure that I was quite so excited about this one – I kind of guessed some of the ending (which spoilt it a bit) and they were not very nice people. But I did enjoy the setting …it was well described and reminded me of when I visited Nantucket Island a few years ago – quite a special place,

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