Gender roles and technology.. an intriguing mix

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David Sun seems to have it all: wealthy home, fast car, lots of girlfriends and computer screens galore. But when he uses these screens to watch a teenage girl take her own life and doesn’t lift a finger to help her, his parents and the school welfare officer believe he is suffering from disassociative illness: too much technology and too few connections to reality. Their cure: give David a beautiful red-headed and curvaceous robotic companion (Rose) to re-educate his feelings!!

Charlie Nuvola lives on the other side of the lake to David and his world is likewise in David’s shadow.  His home is not rich, his Dad is not a wealthy business man, he owns a bike (not a car) and he finds it hard to talk to girls. That is until he meets Rose (David’s companion).

Can a robotic companion change lives? And can her interactions with humans actually change her??

This is an intriguing novel which gives the reader plenty to think about: especially when it comes to relationships – between teenagers, between families, between genders. The reader will be left pondering long after the last page has been read. Given the subjet matter, this novel is probably more suited to older readers.

Recommended (dma) ****

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