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ruins of gorlan newTITLE = RANGER’S APPRENTICE Book 1 : The Ruins of Gorlan




Will has always dreamed of being a knight, despite his small size. So when he is denied this chance and instead sent to become an apprentice to a ranger he is disappointed, to say the least. It doesn’t help matters that the ranger himself (Halt) is a man of few words and quite a hard task master.

However, under Halt’s tutelage, Will learns that being a ranger is not as easy as he had at first thought: there are many new and unexpected skills for him to learn and several weapons to master. This newly gained knowledge may come in handy when the kingdom faces a dire threat. Is Will up to the challenge? Will he have the courage and the cleverness required to save the day?

This is a fast paced adventure, the first in a series. Will is a likeable hero and has a lot to learn about himself and his friends. It is easy to see why this book has been so popular with so many students: it is a great read.

Find out about later books in the series here: Halt’s Peril and The Kings of Clonmel

Find out more about the series on the great website dedicated to The Rangers Apprentice

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Highly Recommended (dma) ***** 

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12 thoughts on “Plenty of adventure and fantasy”

  1. the post is verry good and true. it explanes the story well and does not give away the ending….

  2. I think its a great book too!
    We had to read it for clas and when i first read it i was bored but as i got deeper into the book my interest for the book got deeper too.

  3. i dont mind this itsa bit boring at the start but then i started to like it so give it a shot

  4. I didn’t really enjoy this book and it seemed to take me a little while to get through the book because of that. Booklover’s review was interesting but unfortunately I didn’t find it that way as I got further into the book. I recommend this book to older readers because of the content.

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