The final breathtaking instalment in a popular series

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There may be a bit less action in this conclusion to the Divergent trilogy, and more political intrigue – as we (and the main characters) finally the truth behind the factional system that has governed their country for so long. But some things remain the same – Tris and Tobias once again seem to be targeted for involvement in revolution and rebellion … but will they agree on the best course of action or will their determination to see a better world finally pull apart these 2 strong-minded young people? Will more lives be lost in the hope of a better future … and where does love, family and friendship fit into all of this confusion?

AS the final instalment in a riveting series, ALLEGIANT is all about honesty, trust and forgiveness. IT is about self-knowledge and knowing what makes us human. Ultimately, our main characters have to learn the true meaning of bravery – which isn’t just about having the courage to fight violence with violence, it can also be about the strength needed to live each day, even when in pain and grief from the loss of loved ones … it is having the strength to carry on.

Fans of the series will be on the edge of their seats as the read about Tris and Tobias’ tortuous adventures – and most should be satisfied with the conclusion that Veronica Roth has woven .. but keep the tissue box handy! For newcomers to the series, read about Book 1 (Divergent) here.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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