Action packed adventure with links to Percy Jackson

heroes-of-olympus-the-lost-heroTITLE = HEROES OF OLYMPUS: The Lost Hero (Book 1)




Another great adventure with ties to Ancient Myths and Legends, from the very popular author of the “Percy Jackson” series. This is the first book in what could be considered a spin-off from the original series. AT the beginning we meet 3 new characters (Jason, Piper and Leo) who are suddenly propelled into a battle with mythic beings from which they barely escape with their lives before finding refuge at Camp Half-Blood. Jason discovers that all his memories have been stolen by a god, as a lure to sending him on a dangerous quest. And so the 3 teens set off together to try and save a goddess and maybe the world. Whilst Jason is struggling with his lack of memory Leo and Piper are tsruddling weith memories thaht they would prefer to forget. Each of them is harbouring a secret, afraid that if they reveal the truth it could spell the end of their friendship.

With death hovering at the edge of every adventure, this is a compelling and fast-paced story, as could be expected from Rick Riordan. Fans of the original series are sure to enjoy this excursion into territory which is both familiar yet slightly different. Rather than being focussed on the Greek gods (as happened in the Percy Jackson series) this book looks at the comparison between the Greek and Roman myths.  

You don’t need to have read a Percy Jackson story to enjoy this new series … and don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with Ancient Roman mythology, Rick Riordan will take you on an exciting and whirlwind introduction to some very famous myths and characters. These being may now be residing in Canada and the USA but with clever (and often humorous) echoes with their Ancient past. A truly entertaining read which is sure to be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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2 thoughts on “Action packed adventure with links to Percy Jackson”

  1. OMG BEST BOOK SERIES ever! I mean gydhjshfwyqfbjsbhfusuijuiwhjdruwq w its the best WWWHEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW xbjwqbdmw2 ndfuwgfnwm best ever! KLeo is the best I mean he’s so sexy and so is Percy I don’t like Jason that muchBUt yeah best book series ever.

  2. Yes, i agree with the certain person above *cough cough* (not me). this is a very funny and adventurous book and start to the awesome and agitating heroes of olympus series *curse Rick Riordan*. This is definatley a book to read, you dont have to know percy to read this book but it would be a sure good thing if you did. Read this book!!!

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