An unusual narrative approach for a cleverly twisted mystery

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This is an unusual mystery story with a powerful sting awaiting readers in the final pages. Part of the uniqueness of the story lies in the way it is told for it does not use the normal narrative path. It opens with a list of witnesses followed by a Facebook page, which has been set up following the disappearance of a Melbourne schoolgirl. Two contributors to the Facebook page become online friends And much of the story is revealed via their emails and texts to each other. Celia is a schoolgirl in Melbourne, upset by the local mystery and as a new girl at her school, feeling a tad friendless and lonely. She is pleased to have an eager audience in Alice, who used to live in Melbourne but is now at a boarding school in Mildura. Both are having a difficult time with their families so much of the story unfolds slowly as the 2 girls discuss their lives. The central mystery slips to the background until a second girl disappears. 

Interspersed between the emails are newspaper articles and interview transcripts with witnesses and/or possible suspects, so the reader is in a good position to play detective. Whether they will see the shock coming at the end of the story remains to be seen!

An entertaining story told in an unusual way.

Recommended (dma) ***

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