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Matt is a sporting prodigy, able to duck and weave and glide gracefully around a soccer field. His dream was to play professionally but that dream was put on hold after a tragic car accident which killed his brothers and damaged his legs.  He still displays remarkable talent on the soccer field but does his body have the strength to hold up against the rigours of the big league?

Put to the test on a promotional tour in England Matt discovers that training for the big league is not just about the body, it is also about the mind and the soul. Could playing soccer professionally come at a cost … not just to his body but also to his heart, could he lose his love for the game? Or will his little sister, his manager, help him find his way?

A novel about soccer and family, about the joy and business of sport; younger readers are sure to enjoy this fast, entertaining read, especially lovers of football. And to find about more about the great author of this book, why not check out his website here.

Recommended (dma) ***

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