Magic, witchcraft and curses … a brand new series kicks off!





Claudia Gray has abandoned her vampires, vampire hunters and werewolves and replaced them with Witches and Steadfasts in her latest spellbinding novel.  Nadia is a young Witch or Spellcaster who was being trained by her mother. However, when her mother left home she not only abandoned her family she also effectively ended Nadia’s training. So Nadia has plenty of skill at spellcasting but lacks the ability to control her spells.

One of the rules of witchcraft with which Nadia is all too familiar, however, is that spellcasting is a female task and no witch should ever share her knowledge of magic with a male. Nor is a Steadfast (a companion who enhances a witch’s spellcasting abilities) ever likely to be a male. So the last thing that Nadia expects when she moves to a new town is that her Steadfast could potentially be the young man who she admires from afar, the same young man who is a town outcast due to the family curse which is likely to end in insanity! Worse still, this same young man just happens to be a pawn in the power of a very, very strong witch who seems set on destroying the town and all its inhabitants.

Unless Nadia can harness her powers in time to save herself and her new friends. So the scene is set for a tale of magic, mystery and romance set against a ticking clock … will Nadia’s plans succeed in time … and at what cost?? This is sure to be a hit with fans of Claudia Gray’s and all those teen girls looking for a quick, light read.

Recommended (dma) ****

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2 thoughts on “Magic, witchcraft and curses … a brand new series kicks off!”

  1. It’s definitely a page turner. An excellent novel that keeps you on the move.
    loved it

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