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After a slow start, this journey into a Sci Fi world becomes quite engaging. Khemri has been programmed to become a Prince, a ruler of the Empire. With all sorts of in-built biological and technological aids, you would think that this young Prince in the making would be heroic and wise. Instead, at the start of the novel he seems like a spoilt jerk!

This humorous characteristic is the saving grace of the novel at the beginning. In amongst all the SF techno jargon and the setting up of this strange new SF world, the reader can enjoy a chuckle at Khemri’s expense. Although one delightful part of this arrogant Prince’s character is that he is a fast learner – so he soon begins to recognise his own short-comings (and the problems and humourous situations that can arise from them).

Most importantly he gradually realises that having been prepared for life as a priest is really no preparation for his world at all. Sent off on strange missions, Khemri begins to realise that those mere humans that he once scorned may actually offer a life that is preferable to the world of power and dominion for which he has been bred. More importantly, he falls in love and his whole world view changes. As Khemri grows and becomes more human he also becomes more likable so readers are likely to be drawn in excitedly over the last few nail-biting chapters … to see if Khemri will survive his brush with humanity.

This novel was written to accompany the online game “Imperial Galaxy” – check it out here. And the accompanying wiki can be found here.

Recommended (dma) ****

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