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This is an engaging sequel to “Before the Storm” with plenty of action and lots of plot twists. This time around, the story focuses more on Daniel, who is heartbroken when Muriel abandons him for Fox and heads off to Paris. After Daniel mopes at home for weeks, his family decides to ship him off to England to finish his schooling and prepare him for university; so most of the action takes place on board an array of ships. And what amazing action there is!

For central to this story is a race: a race against time and a race against “bad guys” – what complicates matters is that our sense of who the bad guys are, keeps changing! For Daniel’s street smart and greedy friend, Barry the Rat, sets in train a series of events that threatens his future, Daniel’s future and maybe even the future of the world.

BC, the warrior woman from the future must join forces with Madeleine, a spunky and intelligent waitress from Ballarat (!), to set right the innumerable wrongs that Barry’s actions have caused. But will Daniel help them in their cause? Or is he implicated in wrongdoing?

Daniel may start the novel as a lovesick young man … but he will learn a lot during the course of his travels … about himself, about women and about love. He may turn out to be more of a hero than he thought he could be??

Plenty of action, plenty of plot twists and turns and plenty of humour ensure that this rollicking novel will keep readers amused and engaged from beginning to end. An absolute treat!

Whilst the novel could be enjoyed as a stand alone book, readers will probably get most out of the fun if they read book 1 first –  Read a review here.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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