A lyrical story from the selkie world





What an extraordinary book!

This amazing book will entice readers into a foreign world of magic and mystery with a heart breaking tale of revenge and love. The lyrical language will lure readers into the story and delight them at the same time. Whilst the central story will capture their hearts.

The island of Rollrock seems to be at the mercy of the elements: such a windy, cold place which seems to demand hardiness from its inhabitants. Meanwhile the surrounding sea not only provides families with a livelihood but also provides them with mystery and wonder. The seals which lollop on the beach front may be scorned but their females (the selkies) seem to weave a charm on the hearts of the local men. Or is the spell woven by the local witch? Is it a spell of love or a curse of revenge? And most importantly, will it bring harm to the Rollrock community or can it be broken?

This story is cleverly woven from different perspectives of some of the key players on the island; their separate stories will gradually come together in a moving end. This is a book to be treasured and a book which readers will find hard to put down and even harder to forget.

This novel is a worthy selection on the shortlist for the 2013 CBCA Book of the Year (Older Readers).

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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  1. I thought this book was really good, at first i didnt understand the concept of it being short stories from different times, but once i got my head around it i realy liked it.

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