Bringing Anne Frank’s Diary to Life

Three Junior Book Clubbers were invited to participate in the launch of the international Anne Frank travelling exhibition. The students read  passages from Anne’s diary. Laura read one of the earliest entries, describing the family’s first day in hiding. Agnes read a passage that was written 18 months later which demonstrated Anne’s keen sense of humour in petty squabbles between members in hiding  (against the backdrop of war). Whilst Caitlin read a moving passage written 6 months later, in which Anne describes her determination to remain positive in the face of chaos and destruction. The poignancy of this diary entry is that it was written only 9 days before Anne and her family were captured. The readings provided by Laura, Agnes and Caitlin were a highlight of the exhibition opening as the girls read with such clarity and emotion. A number of the guests congratulated the girls on the powerful readings and were impressed with their performances. All three girls certainly represented the school with great pride and are to be commended on their efforts.



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7 thoughts on “Bringing Anne Frank’s Diary to Life”

  1. Doing a reading of Anne Frank’s Diary at the Gold Museum, was a moving and sensational event. I was very privileged to have this wonderful experience, and come one step closer to Anne Frank, an inspiration to people of our generation, who showed courage and humility in the face of danger.
    Her memory and her story live on through the words of her diary, which, through blatantly honest language, expresses the hopes and dreams of a lonely, though positive and creative, teenage girl.
    I learned masses from the “Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition” and recommend her diary as a must read to anyone who wishes to be inspired and amazed.

  2. I have to say the exhibition was great. The way that the exhibition was set out was original and interesting, with the different points of veiw on the story.
    But the best thing was the great man who toured us around. He was nice and funny and made us wonder.
    It was great fun, epecially waving at the people in class as we left the school!

  3. The diary of Anne Frank strongly lead us to Old Holland during World war 2. The little jewish girl Anne and her diary Kitty showed us about the atrocity that the Nazi made at the moment and the painful life of their victims. The Anne Frank exhibition was such a wonderful experience to understand the time and short life of Anne more.

  4. Reading a passage at the museum was a great experience, and the way the crowd listened was amazing. You could have heard a pin drop. And today i went to see the exhibition, it just makes you realise that this is not a perfect world

  5. I think that the Anne Frank exhibition is a great learning curve with how the jewish in the olden days were treated and what they had to put up with in order to survive their hard lives ahead. The content of the exhibition was described as sad, depressing, awful, and in my words plain disgusting or disgraceful. The once normal life of Anne and her family and all of the jews was put on permanent hold when the Nazi took over. The Diary of Anne Frank shows bad things but recorded in a great way. The exhibition was great and i would recommend it to anyone including the book.

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