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The opening of this book may well surprise readers of the Parvana series: for it is set in a US Army base in Afghanistan and it appears that the young girl who is being questioned as a suspected terrorist is, in fact, Parvana! Readers will be on the edge of their seats wondering how this has come about and what lies ahead for Parvana.

And so the story unfolds in dual paths: part of the story recounts the interrogation process and Parvana’s imprisonment whilst alternating chapters take us back to see how events unfolded to bring Parvana to this point. We see Parvana working with her mother and sisters in setting up a school, trying to help her fellow refugees against great odds. For this education project is not welcomed by local villagers especially some very traditional men who see it as inappropriate for girls to be wasting their time on an education. The hatred that the school inspires may seem inexplicable to modern Aussie teens, but it is credibly portrayed and provides a threatening backdrop to the book.

Yet balanced against this is the more immediate threat of the Army officers who see Parvana as a potential source of danger. Will she survive against the emotional drain of interrogations or will she gain her freedom?? And why is she staying so silent anyway??

This novel cleverly brings the reader up to date with Parvana’s story whilst also introducing readers to the idea that foreign troops may be trying to bring peace to this region but they may in fact bring further torment for the surviving people of this war-ravaged land. A thought-provoking novel, in keeping with the rest of this wonderful series (“Parvana“, “Parvana’s Journey“, “Shauzia” are the previous titles in the series) .

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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2 thoughts on “The final stunning chapter in a heartfelt series”

  1. This is such a wonderful book because the author ended the series in such a cute but also sad way. I feel pity for Parvana who has very terrible fate.:(

  2. Through the “Parvana” series we have followed such a strong, heroic girl, Parvana. Her epic journey is only continued magically in this fourth book of the series. I especially loved that all the ingenuity and lovability of the brave characters was shown strongly throughout this novel, just like the rest of the books and I loved, and was fascinated by the “duel paths” story line, it kept me interested and entranced, provoked to keep reading and find out the ending, which was, though it was slightly unexpected, breathtakingly beautiful, just like the other novels of this marvellous series.
    I recommend you read this insightful book, I rate it *****, five stars.

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