A moving insight into life in a refugee camp





Readers of the “Parvana” series will recall that Shauzia was Parvana’s best friend in the first book. Together they worked in the Kabul market and dreamed of one day escaping from the toil and trouble of Afghanistan and travelling to France to lie in fields of lavender.

As the title suggests, this book focusses on Shauzia’s story and how she is surviving in the refugee camp in Pakistan. Shauzia was every bit as headstrong and determined as Parvana and she is frustrated at the way of life around her. She rebels against the older women in the refugee camp and sets off alone, hoping to make it to the sea so she can travel to France, and maybe meet up with Parvana there.

However, Shauzia soon discovers that surviving on her own in the city of Peshawar is fraught with danger.  Will her headstrong nature actually prove to be a curse for Shauzia or will it give her  the will to survive??

For those who have enjoyed the “Parvana” series, this book will be a welcome addition: with strong, credible child characters and plenty of action, drama and emotion. This book is a real page turner and offers a welcome insight into refugee life which should be quite eye-opening for young Australian readers.  

 Highly Recommended (dma) *****


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4 thoughts on “A moving insight into life in a refugee camp”

  1. This is a wonderful and truly heart touching story. I felt sad and was nearly into tears on all parts of the book. An advice to those who read this have a box of tissues next to you when you start reading this wonderful book Shauzia.

  2. A story that runs wild in ones’ imagination. This novel has it all.. emotions mainly.
    Set in Afghanistan… A girls’ determination can never be over looked or under looked.
    Read Shauzia and learn about this one determined girl..

  3. My book is my favourite because she has a dog named Jasper.Shuazia got Jasper after she left kabul on her way to Paris. On the way to Paris Shuazia became a shepherdand that is how she got her own dog. Jasper goes every where with shuazia.If Shuazia got in some trouble Jasper would help her or go and get some one that would be able to help her.

    Jasper is a very nice and carring dog, that would do any for you.Jasper also loves to play with little kids.


    This book is a very great book i love love love love this book so much!!!! 🙂

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