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 In some ways, this book is even tougher to read than the first story about Parvana, because now Paravana is on her own or without adults, for most of her journey. She does have other children with her: Hassan (a baby who demands her attention), crippled Asif (with whom she bickers) and friendly Leila. Unfortunately, the adults that Parvana meets on her travels seem to simply let her down: they either withdraw from the horror of their daily lives (like Leila’s grandmother) or they are unkind and selfish. Life is tough and the children must be brave and resilient and resourceful to survive; as we would expect from reading book 1, Parvana certainly rises to the occasion.

One of the refreshing things in this story is that although these kids must be brave and adult-like on a daily basis, they are clearly still kids: Parvana gets annoyed easily and in angry outbursts she can behave badly (as you would expect, under the circumstances). The humorous banter between Asif and Parvana (where he pretends to do exactly the opposite of what she wants) also provide one of the few glimpses of lightness and humour in the book.

This is a worthy sequel to Parvana and readers who loved the first book are sure to be thoroughly engaged in reading more about her adventures.

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4 thoughts on “The journey continues for a brave young girl”

  1. i’m half way though this book it is a very good book and it very hard to put this book down. i hope that parvana get her family back!!!

  2. I read Parvana and really enjoyed it, so i decided to start reading Parvana’s journey.I haven’t finished reading it but i am excited to find out what happens next.

  3. From the moment I picked up “Parvana’s Journey” I felt an immense, highly welcomed, wash of thousands of feelings and emotions.
    Written by the ingenious Deborah Ellis, “Parvana’s Journey”, like “Parvana” before it, is a story of courage, heroism and true spirit.
    From the first sentence you are on “Team Parvana” wishing, hoping and encouraging her to keep going and succeed in all that she endeavours to do.
    If you are looking for a book that you will find yourself a part of almost instantly, I definitely recommend you read “Parvana’s Journey”.
    A great story, topped with countless true facts, the realities of war for the children and people of Afghanistan.
    Plus with its memorable, lovable characters (Leila, Asif, Parvana and Hassan are four of my favourites), “Parvana’s Journey” is definitely deserving of a five star rating: *****

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