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Sam has always felt like the odd one out in his family – he has a close relationship with his mother but things have always been tougher with his dad. Often he has felt that his dad has come down harder on him than on his other siblings. Suddenly he finds out that there may be a reason for this … and this knowledge quite literally turns his life and his family upside down.

Uncertain about his place in his family, uncertain about whom to call dad .. Sam flees on his beloved boat, for time away and time to think. But alone in the wild things could go horribly wrong. Who can he turn to in his hour of need and is it too late to repair the damage with his parents… whoever they may be??

Another sensitive account of family difficulties faced by teens through no fault of their own – just as Sam’s friend Molly faced problems in Anne Brooksbank’s earlier novel, “Mother’s Day“. This new book can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read Mother’s Day but the similarities in circumstances faced by the main characters will give readers something to think about.

The dialogue in Fathers Day may be less credible than in the earlier novel but the emotional turmoil faced by Sam is vividly conveyed. Should be enjoyed by both girls and boys.

And look out for “Big Thursday” Anne Brooksbank’s latest novel – which features another male character (Sam’s friend, Nat) thrown into the deep end when his dad’s business fails.

Recommended (dma) ****

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One thought on “Family drama”

  1. Father’s Day was a great book with a lot of details.
    Sam wants a boat really badly!! And there’s the money in his bank..
    But who put it there??!!
    read to find out

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