A moving story about a girl caught in a family split





Molly has lived with her dad and his second wife, Ro, for as long as she can remember and she feels happy and comfortable in their lakeside home. And she dearly loves her step-brother, Locky. But she is aware that all is not going well for her dad and Ro … they seem to be constantly bickering .. and maybe Locky doesn’t love her as much as she thought?

So when her long distant mother makes a reappearance in her life, Molly is ready to get to know her better … maybe even ready to move in with her mum and grandmother, even if this means being miles away from Dad and Locky.

But what if she changes her mind? jhat if her dad changes his mind too and wants to fight to have her back  … will lawyers and courts get between Molly and a happy future? Is there a chance for happiness when divorce and remarriage has changed her family so much??

This is a sensitive and credible story about the difficulties sometimes faced by youngsters caught between parents who no longer love each other… how do you decide who to live with and can you still love both parents when they don’t love each other? Molly’s story is often touching and heartfelt and it has a satisfying outcome.

And if you enjoy reading this book you might like to read “Father’s Day” and “Big Thursday” written by the same author and set amongst the same group of friends – looking at other teens (this time boys) who are caught in awkward family arrangements too.

Highly Recommended (dma) ****   

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2 thoughts on “A moving story about a girl caught in a family split”

  1. This book was one heck of an amazing novel.
    I loved it from the start to the end…
    Even if the book itself is fiction, those feelings of hers’ for her family and her mother, were real feelings that were felt by certain people in this world.
    It’s a must read

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