A heartbreakingly beautiful romance






Intense, dramatic, romantic and compelling – this is how best to describe this new book!

There are many angel romance stories around at the minute but this one is definitely in a class of its own. Laini Taylor writes beautifully – whether it be descriptions of Prague (a beautiful character in the story) or descriptions of characters. Dialogue is sparkling and very real. So initially, the novel doesn’t feel like a fantasy story at all – in fact, it feels very grounded in the real world, except that the main character, art student Karou, works for a strange creature and slips between portals to other countries. And midway through the novel …we meet a strikingly beautiful angel, Akiva … then we learn about the ongoing war between the “monsters” and the angels… but can an angel soldier who kills be called angelic – despite his heavenly beauty?

And is the monstrous looking Brimstone, who trades in life and death, truly a monster?? More importantly, what happens if an angel and a monster fall in love?? This novel truly tugs on the heart and the mind – and the good news is – there are two more books to come!!

Read more about the author and her upcoming books on her fantastic blog.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****


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2 thoughts on “A heartbreakingly beautiful romance”

  1. What a book? Can anyone answer that?!!
    I love it so very much and I haven’t even finished reading it. The characters are just the way I like it, cool and super awesome. The plot is thick and full of dark twists that will leave you in a stranded position. This book even persuades you that demons can be nice.
    Laini Taylor is a great author for her descriptions are magical and the way she excells her writing is quite beautiful. I’ve recently bought the third book and am quite sad it’s only a trilogy. Highly recommended to those that want a good read of romance, dark, action and just amazement!
    Who can not agree with me when I say the cover is gorgeous?
    It’s dark but a page turner…

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