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This is an intriguing blend of fantasy, Aboriginal mythology and mystery. 13 year old Sadie is not happy that her Mum has relocated her from Melbourne to the small country town of Boort. But when she comes across an ancient ring of rocks at a nearby dried up lake, Sadie is awakened to the mystery lurking there. First she feels like the crows are talking to her, directing her to take action, to right a long-ago wrong. Then she begins to slip back in time to witness events which seem to have cursed her family and others ever since they happened.

For Sadie discovers that her grandfather, Clarry had two mates from the war: Gerry Mortlock, a local squatter, and Jimmy Raven, who worked on Gerry’s property after the war. Although Jimmy was not from the local Aboriginal tribe (he hailed from Melbourne) he still held great respect for the land and mythology surrounding the Boort region. Unfortunately, this brought him into conflict with Gerry and Clarry with tragic results.

And it seems that this tragic relationship has oft repeated itself. Sadie’s Mum, Ellie had once dated Gerry’s grandson, Craig until she left him for an aboriginal boy, David. The result was again brutal. And in Sadie’s own time, her friendship with Walter, an Aboriginal newcomer, comes between her new found friendship with Craig’s son, Lachie Mortlock and it looks set to end in violence yet again.

Can Sadie prevent disaster repeating itself? Will her new found kinship with the crows provide her with strength or act as a millstone around her neck.

This is an entertaining tale with its clever blending of crow mythology and time travel into a credible mystery-adventure. The characters are believable and the action and mystery moves along at a good pace.

Shortlisted for CBCA Book of the Year 2012 (Younger Readers)

Highly Recommended (dma) *****



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  1. An amazing book that models friendship, discovery and exploration into the past. Three kids, a crow and a giant mystery… a great book for everyone.

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