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An amusing and intriguing ride awaits the reader of this novel, the latest by Meg Rosoff. She has created a world where God is a teenage boy – so is it any wonder the world seems to have gone crazy! Every time this lad falls in love, earth suffers the consequences. So whilst he is absorbed by his latest love/lust interest, the world suffers storms and floods which mirror his emotional state.

This teenaged god (otherwise known as Bob) seems to be part God (from traditional religion) and part capricious gods (from Greek mythology) which may cause some confusion for teen readers – or may simply provide food for thought. There is plenty to enjoy in this novel – provided you are open minded about religion and religious belief. Some readers might be offended by some of the ideas and characters in this book as Rosoff postulates that God may be a teenage boy, who takes a “whatever” approach to the world he has created. Some may simply be puzzled, as not all of Rosoff’s threads are fully explored or fully explained.

There is frequent humour in the portrayal of the gods and their servants. There are also touching moments based around some of the humans in the story, as they try and deal with both their physical trials (induced by Bob’s weather and emotional life) and their own emotional lives. Ultimately there is a suggestion that love will win out for the human race, despite Bob or the gods … so the ending is gently satisfying and optimistic.

Recommended (dma) ****

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