What if you woke up in someone else’s body????





Imagine you woke up one morning and discovered that you were inside someone else’s body! So the person in the kitchen cooking you breakfast must be your mum but you have never met her before. You put on a school uniform but you don’t know which school you go to or what subjects you study, let alone who your friends are. And to make matters worse, six months have elapsed and you don’t know why.

This is the dilemma which faces Alex one morning. So he spends the first part of the book trying desperately to work out what has happened to himself and his former family whilst trying to live the life of the boy whose body he now inhabits, a boy named Philip, or Flip to his friends (which gives a dark irony to the novel’s title).

Alex struggles to come to terms with his new self, let alone the reasons that lie behind the switch. Then he must decide what to do about it … because now it isn’t only himself that may be affected  – now he has to consider Philip’s future and the impact his actions may have on TWO families.

This is a compelling story which is made to seem quite credible. Alex’s story is grounded in real, everyday events (like walking the dog or trying to decide where to sit in the classroom) and sticky situations (when he gets arrested whilst trying to get in touch with a former friend). The ending is gripping and believable and should satisfy most readers. A great suspenseful read.

Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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