A fresh and funny take on a vampire story

bloodthirstyTITLE = Bloodthirsty

AUTHOR  = Flynn Meaney



This is a delightfully fun and engaging novel which is sure to appeal to teen girls in particular. Finbar Frame is a twin. His twin brother, Luke, is athletic and popular, with loads of friends and most importantly, good with girls. Finn, on the other hand, is quiet, nerdy, tall and pale. He is anxious and timid, especially around bullies and girls.

But Finn has a brainwave: given that vampires have become so popular in books, on TV and in films, the solution to all his problems is obvious – with his pale looks and allergy to the sun – he will simply become a vampire! And so the fun begins.

And there is lot to laugh about in this engaging story as Finn tries to negotiate school and teenage life as a would-be vampire. Blissfully free of blood but full of pop references to recent books and shows, YA readers are sure to enjoy the ride as Finn learns a thing or two about honesty, truth and accepting oneself. An amusing novel with a refreshing take on vampirism, romance and reinvention.

Recommended (dma) ****

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