A strange and funny tale from the murky past

life of a teen bodysnatcherTITLE = THE LIFE OF A TEENAGE BODY SNATCHER




The opening chapters of this novel may take a little getting used to – the strange world of ‘body snatching” is a little murky and it all seems a little unclear – but rather cleverly, this mirrors the experiences of the hero of the story: Thomas Timewell. For he too is caught up in events, and in a world, that he doesn’t fully understand and that drags him into new and unusual places and adventures. Clever plotting by author, Doug MacLeod allows the many and varied stramds of the story to be pulled together in a satisfying and credible manner. If some of the action seems rather dark and sinister, MacLeod fequently introduces some wry humour. The cast is sprinkled with engaging characters and our hero, Thomas, is certainly likeable. His family may be rather odd but this is all part of the fun. An enjoyable read (even if the central storyline is rather unusual in the world of YA fiction).

This novel has been shortlisted in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards (Older readers) : 2010

Recommended (dma) ****

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  1. While the setting ins the past and the language is at times very deliberately old fashioned, there is a black humour to this that feels very modern. At times scary, hilarious, absurd and moving, this is a rolicking ride for the engaging hero Thomas and the reader alike.

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