A museum, a mystery and much, much more

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Readers are sure to enjoy Lili Wilkinson’s latest novel, as it is part mystery, part trivia quiz and part romance …. and full of fun. Once again we have a spunky female lead: the delightful, mystery-loving (but rather bossy) Bee, who is working over the summer hols at the museum, in the taxidermy department. When her much admired Head of Department dies one night in the museum, Bee decides she must become Girl Detective Bee (and follow in the footsteps of her favourite childhood characters, Trixie Belden and the too-perfect, Nancy Drew). Bee is joined in her adventures by new sidekick, Toby – who proves to be every bit as baffling to Bee as the crime she is trying to solve.

As Bee and Toby try to resolve the central mystery, plenty of clues are unravelled (and the reader will learn more than they ever wanted to know about the mating habits of various critters, thanks to med-student Toby). Bee also realises that despite her awesome detectiving skills she also has much to learn – about Toby, about friendship and about life.

A wonderfully entertaining romp that will keep the reader guessing to the last page – and peopled with the most intriguing characters (especially Bee’s Mum and her new partner, the Celestial Badger).  Lovers of mystery novels (not just Nacy Drew but also adult classics, like Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes) will love the frequent literary references and the closing scenes of the book. There is a lot to enjoy in this mysery novel  … perhaps this is the beginning of a new Detective Girl series???  We can only hope so.

You can read more about the author and her other novels on her website.

Selected as a Notable book for the for CBCA Book of the Year 2012 (Older Readers)


Highly Recommended (dma) *****

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2 thoughts on “A museum, a mystery and much, much more”

  1. I absolutely loved pocket full of eyes it was a wonderful book. It was full of adventure and mystery.

  2. This book demonstrates Lili Wilkinson’s amazing capacity for variety. A humourous, romantic, intriguing book with some delightfully quirky characters, lots of seemingly random facts and a really good mystery at the heart of it. I really hope she writes more books with Bee and Toby, as with two such strong charactes, there are bound to be more mysteries to solve and bumps on the road to love.

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