Love, laughter, friendship

m or fTITLE = m or f?

AUTHOR = lisa papademetriou & chris tebbetts

GENRE = Love, Friendship, Sexuality

INTEREST LEVEL = Years 9 and up

This funny story is cleverly told in alternating chapters by best friends, Marcus and Frannie. Marcus is comfortable in his gay skin and whilst he is not really expecting to find love at his school, he is happy to help Frannie in her quest to snare the gorgeous Jeffery. But the path of teen love rarely runs smoothly – especially when Marcus pretends to be Frannie in online conversations with Jeffery. Is he really doing this to support his best friend or could it be that he is attracted to Jeffery?? And just because Marcus is gay, doesn’t mean that he is always able to judge which of his classmates may also be gay… even Frannie, who prides herself on having a well-developed gaydar, may have missed some key signs…. So who should be kissing whom?? And will these teens be able to sort out their misunderstandings without losing their best friends in the process?? An amusing story which should appeal to boys and girls, gay and straight …. because at its heart is friendship and romance.

Highly recommended (dma) *****

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