WARNING:contains awesomeness

city-of-bonesCITY OF BONES

Author=Cassandra Clare


Interest-Young Adults-Adults


If clubbing in New York you must be careful as it might be your last dance: monsters are on the prowl.

Clary Fray once thought she was human till she got a visit from a very arrogant, hot shadowhunter, Jace. Her life changed for the worst.With her mother in a coma, her only choice is to trust the shadow hunters as she might otherwise be killed by one of New York’s monsters.

Rating=***** Highly Recommended


4 thoughts on “WARNING:contains awesomeness”

  1. A great introduction to a fascinating take on some old familiar themes. Personal highlights, in no particular order, were Magnus Bane – the High Warlock of Brooklyn, his cat, and the sentient motorcycles the vampires ride. It is the little details which enchant me and bring a world to life.

  2. The most original fiction book i have ever read!
    it was intersting and facinating i would suggest it to anyone!

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