Alice Pung

What I learned about Alice Pung from her talk:
Alice was really funny and I enjoyed her talk alot. I learnt alot about her heritage and what happened in Columbia.

What I liked about her book:
From the things that she read fromher book I liked her humor.

What I would like to ask her:
Can I have you autograph?? (which I did =) )


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I am a teacher-librarian in a government school. I love reading and talking about books ... to anyone who will listen!

2 thoughts on “Alice Pung”

  1. I loved Alice Pung. She has a great sense of humor and is so inspirational because of how young a writer she is. I too have lived over seas and know all about the dificulties that present themselves but she has gone further with staying in the country she moved to. She is a strong and very unique individual 🙂

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