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On the 23/04/10 Book Clubbers took a trip to the public library to hear an amazingly funny author talk about her new book that is out now. Her name is ALICE PUNG– She has a Chinese-Cambodian background and she talked about her book and read us sections that were based on her first boy friend. She also had heaps of jokes up her sleeve. Due to the nature of this blog, I cannot say her jokes, becuase they are too funnny…..

This author would be the best author’s talk I’ve been to and I will definitely read her book..

Cheers R... 😛


Alice was a great person; she was really nice and was happy to sign our books. She talked to us about her book and some of the stories behind the tales. Alice had a great sense of humour. She made the older audience, (me, Emily and Lucie) laugh with her story about Cleo. All in all a great day and I can’t wait to read the book…..SS


Today we went to see Alice Pung at the Ballarat Central Highlands Library. It was very interesting to listen to what it was like for her father to grow up in the conditions that he did. And I also found it cool to find out about what it was like to live in Australia and being a Cambodian.



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