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This is a charming story – both funny and mysterious. Siggy has fallen in love for the first time; unfortunately he also threw up on the feet of the girl he loves which is not the best start to any relationship! As he sets about meeting and wooing the girl of his dreams (Amber) Siggy must also contend with his Mum’s new boyfriend, his sister’s ex-boyfriend, and the ghost at Tallis Point. Why is it that some people see ghosts even when they don’t want to, yet those who really want to see ghosts, can’t always see them?? And what do you do when the parents of the girl you love ban you from ever seeing her again??

In true Doug MacLeod style, this novel has some wonderfully laugh out loud moments mixed with some wonderfully weird characters. At its heart, though, is the joy of falling in love for the very first time and learning about why we should give people second chances.

Highly Recommended(dma) *****

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