Heart racing reading

arrival the phoenix filesTITLE = Arrival

SERIES = The Phoenix Files

AUTHOR =Chris Morphew

GENRE =Action, Adventure

INTEREST LEVEL =Years 8 – 10

This is a brilliant, fast paced opening to an engaging new series. Luke’s parents have just separated and he has moved to Phoenix, a brand-new town miles from anywhere. He has barely arrived, however, before he begins to suspect that things are not as perfect as they seem to be on the surface. Before he knows it, Luke and his new friends, Jordan and Peter are in the midst of a very real, very scary and very dangerous adventure. It appears that they have stumbled upon a plot to destroy the world… and the clock is quite literally, ticking down. Can 3 teenagers change the future?

Readers will be unable to put this novel down – the action is fast and furious and the characters and their relationships are very believable, which makes the plot all too credible! Looking forward to the newly published, second instalment: “Contact” by author, Chris Morphew.

Highly recommended (dma) *****

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